Colette Boudreaux

Perofrming Arts Specialist

Colette believes in sharing the traditions of beautiful singing. A member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS), The Voice Foundation, and the Lehigh Valley Chapter of the Music Teachers National Association (LVMTNA), she teaches at her home studio in Easton, PA.  A performer of multiple genres, Ms. Boudreaux teaches fundamental singing techniques that apply to any style of music. Specializing in college audition preparation, classical music, and audition technique, she believes in the unique sound of each individual and is ready to help you reach your fullest potential through authenticity. 


An award-winning choreographer of title-winning soloists and teams at multiple competitions, Ms. Boudreaux offers private instruction to further your technique or polish your performance. 

As an actress, casting director, artistic director, and stage director, Ms. Boudreaux brings a wealth of knowledge about acting and stagecraft and is available for group classes, master classes, or one-on-one lessons.

For more information, contact her through her contact page.